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We dare to be different. Our website is not your average run of the mill website, this site is designed to spur people to action, to motivate everyone to do something to help change this sad world for the better. There is a proven method that works and has changed the lives of thousands, because we believe that what everybody needs is love: real, honest, genuine love, not just lip service.

Street Ministries has been active in the community since 1999. We are a fellowship of dedicated Christian Misssionary volunteers who spend their time and energies sharing God's Word and Love with everyone they meet on a daily basis. We assist and encourage those who have tried and failed, but we don't waste precious resources on those who fail to try.

Street Ministries is not "church", but an active, revolutionary new way of life, a total break with this world's materialism, war, corruption and greed. We are non-denominational and non-profit. We believe in living like Jesus and His disciples lived, not just talking about it, not just preaching it, but living it! In other word's, making a difference in the lives we touch.

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